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Editing Teacher Pages
Reserving Computer Labs 101/105
Resetting your Password
COWs (Computers on Wheels)
NOOKs and Library Computers
HEAT Ticket How-To
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In order to modify your teacher web page, you must first verify and test your Fulmore Edlio login. Go to admin.FulmoreMiddleSchool.org to log in. Your user name and password may vary depending on your settings, and if you have not logged in before, you likely need to have your account created. If you have problems logging in, click the "Trouble logging in?" link below the user name and password prompt, and follow the onscreen instructions to obtain either your user name or password. If you have login issues even after attempting these steps, or if you need to have your account created, please contact campus technology.

Once you are logged in, refer to the Edio help page for instructions on how to begin adding content to your teacher page, with the "Manage your pages" and "Manage your classes" links at the bottom of the help page. Teacher pages on the Fulmore Middle School website are found by navigating to Faculty & Staff > Faculty & Staff Departments > [Subject Name] > [Teacher Name].


Note: In order to reserve computer labs, you must have permission to share and edit the Lab 101 and 105 google calendars. If you're not sure if you have permission, contact campus technology to obtain calendar edit privileges.

Login to the AISD Cloud. Once you are at the home screen, initiate a search by clicking on the magnifying glass icon.

Type in "google" to see your options. Click on the "Google Calendars" tile.

Click on the "Month" calendar layout in the upper-right hand corner. Note that you may use any layout you wish, and reservations will still work the same way - I just recommend the monthly layout for ease of use.

Click on your desired day, and then input your desired time. The preferred format is [TIME] [NAME] [PERIOD], such that a reservation for Mr. Telles on second period would be "9:00 Telles 2nd period". Please make sure that you select "Lab 105" as the calendar before clicking "Create Event"! If you don't, other people will NOT be able to see your reservation! You can make sure that your reservation was made under the right calendar by making sure the color of your reservation matches the other reservations. (Brown in this example).

Congratulations! Your reservation has been successfully created. I recommend refreshing the calendar page (F5) to make sure that your changes went through.


There are primarily two ways to reset a password.

The first method is to contact the AISD Help Desk at (512) 414-8324 and request for your password to be reset. This is simple, but it may take up to 20 minutes for the change to go through.

The second method is to go to the AISD Cloud and click "Reset Password", and then follow the onscreen instructions.

If you already know your password and simply want to change it, this can be accomplished by logging into the AISD Cloud. Once you are at the home screen, initiate a search by clicking on the magnifying glass icon.

Type in "password" to see your options. Click on the "Change Password" tile, and follow the onscreen instructions.


COWs are mobile carts of laptops or tablets we have on-campus. Each COW has approximately 30 devices. COWs are managed by areas, with each area being composed of either a floor, or a building. Each area has a coordinator who acts as the point of contact for any teachers within that area who are interested in using a computer cart for a given period of time. Each cart has an "anchor" room, which is its default location.

Please see below for area and anchor room information, and e-mail your area's coordinator if you're interested in temporarily renting out devices. Please note that iPad carts #3, #5, and #6 are critical to classroom functionality, and will only be rented out from their anchor rooms at the occupying teacher's discretion. No reservations are allowed during any campus testing activities, as these devices are required for running testing software.

100 Floor Coordinator: Carrie Schreiber     E-mail Ms. Schreiber
Technology Ms. Schreiber Coordinates:

• iPad Cart #3 (Anchor Room: 101)    Calendar Link
• iPad Cart #2 (Anchor Room: 102)    Calendar Link
• Chromebook Cart #1 (Anchor Room: 104)    Calendar Link
• Chromebook Cart #10 (Anchor Room: 108)    Calendar Link

200 Floor Coordinator: Jacki Taylor     E-mail Ms. Taylor
Technology Ms. Taylor Coordinates:

• iPad Cart #4 (Anchor Room: 206)    Calendar Link
• iPad Cart #7 (Anchor Room: 202)    Calendar Link
• Chromebook Cart #2 (Anchor Room: 208)    Calendar Link
• Chromebook Cart #3 (Anchor Room: 211)    Calendar Link
• Chromebook Cart #9 (Anchor Room: 205)    Calendar Link
• Chromebook Cart #11 (Anchor Room: 200)    Calendar Link

300 Floor Coordinator: Demas Ramirez     E-mail Mr. Ramirez
Technology Mr. Ramirez Coordinates:

• iPad Cart #5 (Anchor Room: 301)    Calendar Link
• Chromebook Cart #4 (Anchor Room: 307)    Calendar Link
• Chromebook Cart #8 (Anchor Room: 304)    Calendar Link

500 Building and Portables Coordinator: Valorie Hernandez     E-mail Ms. Hernandez
Technology Ms. Hernandez Coordinates:

• iPad Cart #1 (Anchor Room: 504)    Calendar Link
• iPad Cart #6 (Anchor Room: A5)    Calendar Link
• iPad Cart #8 (Anchor Room: A11)    Calendar Link
• Chromebook Cart #5 (Anchor Room: 503)    Calendar Link
• Chromebook Cart #6 (Anchor Room: 505)    Calendar Link
• Chromebook Cart #7 (Anchor Room: 500)    Calendar Link


The Library and Library computers can be reserved through Ms. Patrick's form located here. If you are interested in obtaining NOOKs, then please send her an e-mail or go speak to her in-person at the library.


Login to the AISD Cloud. Once you are at the home screen, initiate a search by clicking on the magnifying glass icon.

Type in "heat" to see your options. Click on the "HEAT" tile.

Click on "New Issue" at the top of the page.

Click on the type of issue that you have - most issues fall under Equipment, Software, or Network Issues. If you are unsure, choose equipment.

Type a description of your problem in the allotted box. Please include the model number of your faulting device (if applicable) and your room number. Fill out any additional information to the best of your ability.

Click "Submit" in the upper-right corner. Your ticket has been entered into the system, and I (or the appropriate department) will assist you as soon as possible. If it is urgent or you are not helped within 3 days, please contact me personally.


In order to find my contact information, please search for "Elijah Telles" via the staff directory shortcut located on your desktop. Feel free to call me at extension 14863, send an e-mail, or submit a HEAT ticket at any time!

If you would like to visit my office in-person, I am located in the CIS (Communities in Schools) building beside the teacher workroom, in the room labeled "Fulmore Technology Office."