Fulmore Middle School

Current after school programs available


The Fulmore After school program has begun! After dismissal, students will gather in the cafeteria before dispersing to the activities. Please check the after school schedule shown above to find out which activities are offered on which days. No sign-up in advance is required, though some activities will require signed parent permission forms which will be distributed by the activity sponsor. As part of the Fulmore After-School program students are also welcome to come to the library after school to work on homework, read books, or use the computers for academics. All activities will finish up at 5:15 so that students may take a late bus. Late buses leave Fulmore at 5:30 each day.  The late bus services students who live more than 3.5 miles from Fulmore. 

We are happy to announce that Fulmore will now provide a meal to all students who stay after school. Any students staying for tutoring, athletics, fine arts, and clubs can come to the cafeteria immediately after school to have a grab-n-go meal. All students staying after school have access to this free program.

We have many exciting clubs: Photography Club, Social Gaming Club, Science Club, and more! Interested students should check out the after school club bulletin board located outside of the counselor's office for more information. The schedule of available activities may change, please review the attached schedule, or call Fulmore's main phone number for more information: (512) 414-3207.

Vendors interested in offering an after school program at Fulmore, please contact Lucy Figueroa at Lucy.Figueroa@austinisd.org.




Calling all amazing parents!!

Come to the Any Baby Can Nurturing Parenting Program!


We are also thrilled to announce that Any Baby Can will be providing free parenting classes at Fulmore in both English and Spanish along with free child care. Any Baby Can offers a variety of parenting classes and family support groups to bolster families in need. Their classes and support groups provide the opportunity to learn from trained professionals and engage with other parents and families. Parents with children age 0 - 18 are welcome to enroll in these classes. The Nurturing Parenting program is open to all Fulmore families and schools on the Fulmore vertical team. There are no income requirements to participate in this program. 


The Any Baby Can Nurturing Parenting Program meets every Wednesday from 6:30 – 8:30 p.m. in the Fulmore Cafeteria.  Pre-registration is required for Any Baby Can Nurturing Parenting classes.                                                     


Please call 512-454-3743 to register in advance and visit the Any Baby Can website for more information.  https://anybabycan.org/parenting-education-classes/


Our Fulmore After School Coordinator is Lucy Figueroa. Please contact her via email at Lucy.Figueroa@austinisd.org for information on after school clubs.