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Students applying to Fulmoreā€™s Magnet Program may accompany (shadow) a Magnet student and attend their classes for a half day between January 9 and January 31, 2017. At Fulmore we shadow on a Monday, Tuesday, or Friday as those are the days when our students have all eight classes. The Magnet office will email or call you to confirm receipt of your request and confirm the date of visitation. Slots are given to students on a first come, first served basis. On your confirmed shadow date, please arrive by 8:00 a.m. Sign in at the main office, and then proceed to Room 114 in the Academic Building across the breezeway. Students shadowing during morning sessions will most likely not eat lunch at Fulmore however, afternoon session students may bring a lunch or purchase lunch for $2.75 in the cafeteria.

The student MUST turn in the following by 4:00p.m. DECEMBER 16, 2016 in order to shadow:
  • Students must submit this form
  • Students must turn in page 6 of the application packet signed by parent and student or have applied through the AISD Parent Cloud.
  • Students must turn in teacher recommendations (pages 8 and 9) and STAAR or other testing scores.

Students must inform their current school of their plans to shadow at Fulmore prior to the day of shadowing. Fulmore will provide students with a letter verifying their half day spent at Fulmore, which students will need to submit to their current school upon their return for attendance purposes.

Because Fulmore is committed to providing the best possible shadowing experience for every student, we must limit the number of students who shadow on any particular day. Therefore, students may or may not receive their first choice of dates. Also, due to the high demand for this opportunity, students who need to cancel or forget to come on their appointed day may not be given the chance to reschedule.

Submit your request directly to our campus via email, fax or mail to Fulmore Middle School; Magnet Office; 201 E. Mary St., Austin, TX. 78704, *Phone 512-841-4916 * Fax 512-414-0470. *email: maria.benitezmorales@austinisd.org

Dates and Times
Students will be paired with a Falcon student host for half a day. The host will take the student to observe the unique classes that only Fulmore has to offer. All guest students will be delivered to the front of the school at the end of their shadowing session. Please make sure your child is picked up on time in front of the school (flag pole) area on Breckenridge and Mary Streets.
Student Information
Acknowledgement and Signature
Students may ride the Fulmore Magnet buses which are available before school and after school only. Existing bus stops can be found on the AISD website: http://www.austinisd.org/schools/bus/busstop.phtml. Please contact the Magnet Office prior to January 2017 to obtain a bus pass for your student at (512) 841-4916 or maria.benitezmorales@austinisd.org
I hereby grant permission for my child, named above, to be at Fulmore on a shadow visit. Whereas I understand that all students are under the guidance and supervision of staff, I release Fulmore Middle School, The Humanities and Law Magnet for International Studies, and the Austin Independent School District from any liability due to this visitation.